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Edition size


  • A limited edition of 40 prints is produced from each block. The trial proofs, produced by the Villards during the color research & development, are included in the edition of 40 numbered individual impressions.

  • Of the 400 handmade book-plates/prints needed to accomplish each year’s topic, 260 are hand-bound into books initialed A-Z, (10 prints per book).


  • The 140 remaining are available individually. Each is titled, numbered, signed, embossed and registered.

  • Outside of the numbered edition, there exists up to 4 printers’ proofs signed ‘Pisgah proofs’ (N.F.S.), as well as one or two artist proofs, signed: a/p K et Ph Villard.


The Wood


  • Locally milled North American white pine is air-dried. Philippe chooses the section for each image and carves it with fine chisels.

  • The blocks are cancelled after each edition is complete, and then are available for sale.


The Text


  • The volumes are manually typeset and printed by Dan Carr and Julia Ferrari at Golgonooza Letter Foundry & Press in Ashuelot, NH.

  • The five typeset pages per book are: title, subtitle, preface, index and credits.

  • Each form-style index page is hand-entered in graphite, assigned a letter, and signed Kim et Philippe Villard.

  • A free-floating narrative description page accompanies the otherwise word-barren color images. This narrative page is digitally printed on rag paper and available in several languages.

  • The preface author is poet and artist Alana VanDerwerker.


The Paper


  • The Stonehenge domestic rag paper, used for text and woodblock print pages, is cut with no waste into 1/6 of a page (245g/m, white, deckled edges, 10”x 11”)

  • The marbled end papers vary each year and are credited to the artists; some are interfaced with Kozo Lightweight.


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