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Statement of purpose


 To develop a pictorial collection of hand bound numbered individual impressions, with the general title North Atlantic Peninsula, and the specific title The Boothbay Peninsula Environment Presented in White-line Color Woodblock Prints;

to appear in 10 numbered volumes subtitled:

Tide Pools, Mycologic, Shellfish, Wildflowers, Wetlands and Amphibians, Insects and Berries, Trees and Birds, Marine Mammals and Sea Birds, Land Mammals, People and Fish.


Villard Studios/Art Colony Editions

  Geographically located amongst the peninsula’ s rich resources of nature, scholars, and fishermen, the Villards’ studios trace contemporary and historical collaborative bridges back to the regions long-lived art colony. These handmade artists’ books evolve from 20 years of printmaking, a lifetime interest in color theory, and the suspicion that, within diverse perspectives, aesthetics outweigh ugliness.


Production specifications

Collaborative Method


 The artists Kim and Philippe Villard compile dozens of images from ongoing observations, as this community randomly adds finds to their digital database. The images are later resourced and sketched into 10 drawings per category co-authored by the artists. Philippe carves the woodblocks and Kim composes the color palette. Once the color palette is established, it can be taught and duplicated. Both participate directly in the print production of the editions.


The Woodblock Prints


  • The 'story' is expressed visually through ten original color woodcuts per book that are titled, numbered, and initialed on the credit page.

  • In Maine, the Villards have trained several artists to help them print from the volume masters. Each person is credited for each print generated from the masters. Philippe and Kim both print as part of the collective production.

  • All printing is done using Daniel Smith watercolors, including some of their luminescent and natural earth pigments applied by brush to the woodblock and transferred by hand pressing.


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