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Our White Line Print Crew pertains to the production of our 12 volumes of artists’ book and includes four divisions:


  • Printmakers -production artists we have trained to help hand-print the 400 color woodblock prints per year for our series of artists’ books.


  • Typography -Text pages traditionally printed in letterpress.


  • Bookbinding/collating – All collections are hand-bound in leather & cloth in an edition of 26 books per volume.



  • Consultants- Scientists we turned to with technical inquires or issues. We have listed them under the Links section in this website for technical reasons.


In 2001 Philip and Kim’s decision to bind collections of White Line Prints, based on natural history observations by artists, unified many of their interests; as well as a collaboration that started in 2003 with a wide range of individuals and professionals.

Additionally, they have had the pleasure of inviting and producing four designs by contributing artists, layout and design of text pages by acclaimed authors and typesetters, timeless book binding design, assembly and realization by the VanDerwerkers…and then the following printmakers who assisted Kim (principle printmaker) in the hand printed color production:

Lisa Best                   Susan Angle                      Paula Ragsdale

Paige McKenney       Bekah Messer                   Diane Howe

Jess Holloway           Lily Darché                        Roro Cavatore

Nicia Gruener            Emily Carrol                      Morgan Scully

Katerine Aubry          Philip Villard




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