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Years ago when we opened our studio doors in Maine, neighborhood children and visitors would often ask if they could try printing from one of our blocks after seeing a printing demonstration. This low-tech hand printing method, sometimes referred to as the kitchen table technique, has no machinery involved.

As historic preservation and public awareness of the technique was important to us, we decided to create a few 4”x 6 “ woodblocks that studio visitors could try. This became very popular and has grown to almost 100 different blocks to print from.

We have a tiny shed and a printing setup at the showroom affectionately called the “Art Lab”. We have turned it over to our summer interns, it now includes a Lending Library for those who have taken a lesson from one of these ambitious young artists.

If you are interest in scheduling a session please call the studio directly to schedule. 207-633-3507

or email.

For private parties please contact us at least a week in advance, this is a summer/fall activity.

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