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After commencing our handmade book collections in 2003 we recognized a need to have more people to help with the public when open. Since, we have offered interns a summer of helping run the show, while providing one-on-one time of instruction to develop their own designs into woodblocks, then print and eventually show their work at the studio. They run the demo’s and tutor people who want to try printing at the “Art Lab”.

Additionally an eventual apprentice, Cameron Best, presented himself at age 9. Working with this neighborhood youth taught us the basics of how to develop a program for our interns. Cam worked with us faithfully for 10 summers before heading off to college. He still has time to stop bye and confer with current interns (we have up to 3 per summer) continuing the program.

Starting in 2016 and the completion of our time consuming handmade book project, we are retiring from teaching to free up more time to work on our other projects. We will continue to be open July - September where you can find instruction from returning interns who enjoy teaching and being at the studio.

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